Winter at Utah Lake

I usually think about lakes during the summer time. However, twice in the past week I have felt impressed to take the 4 mile drive to Utah Lake. I was not disappointed either time. The first visit, I came across ice fisherman and on today’s visit, I found the broken ice sheets at sunset.

Both were fun to photograph.

The ice sheets pile up as the lake freezes
The frozen bay at Utah Lake State Park

On Saturday, I went to Utah Lake State Park in Provo. This is where I found the ice fisherman. I was surprised to see so many on the lake. The scene reminded me of the years I lived in NH on Lake Winnipesaukee.

There were fisherman of all ages. I love seeing families doing activities together. I was digging the little boy who was fishing with his father. He was so excited to get a fish. I tried to get him handling the fish, but it was hard to get. He is shown here putting on his stack of other catches.

Placing his fish on the ice. There was no need for coolers…obviously.
Waiting patiently for the big catch

Something else that was pretty cool was the man shown below who had rigged a fish finder from his boat and was using it to move his line up and down to match the depth of the fish. He showed me how it worked and he could tell when he had a fish on the line. He was right as he pulled it out of the water.

Using a fish finder to ice fish
Pulling a small perch out of the water

Most of the fisherman were drilling holes all over the place to find the perfect spot. I was not sure why a hole 2 feet away from the previous would make much difference. But what do I know about ice fishing? NOTHING.

Holes, holes everywhere, but not a fish to eat
Trying to make fishing on the ice as comfortable as possible

My next trip to the lake was in Vineyard at sunset. I frequent this part of the lake several times per year, usually in warmer times. When I pulled up to park by the banks, I could tell it was going to be a good night for pictures. I was not expecting the volume of ice shards that I found.

Shooting back toward the shore showing the CloudMaker in the distance

I found a few stacks of ice that had been assembled by humans. The one below was my favorite as the setting sun glows behind and through it.

A man-made ice stack

I will probably go back a few times this winter. The sunsets here in the winter tend to be the best of the year. While not present tonight, the colors get quite stunning. This usually happens in mid to late winter.

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