Visiting Vs. Attacking the Capitol

In April of 2015, I had the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. with six of my seven children. Senator Mike Lee was kind enough after we visited his office to arrange a tour of the Capitol for my family. It was a great day!

My children and I on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

As I watched events of Jan. 6 unfold, I was mortified. In that same building where my children stood in awe of all the history and significance, seditionists desecrated the building and attempted to do the same to our democracy. For that reason, I am imploring Senator Lee, and the entire Senate, to hold ALL of those responsible for that horrible day, including Donald Trump.

Listening to some in the Senate, Trump should get a free pass for January 6. One Senator even said, “Everyone deserves a mulligan.” While it is true that everyone makes mistakes, an attempted coup and the murder of innocent police officers is not a “mistake.” They are illegal acts and they should be prosecuted.

To suggest that Trump did not incite the violence defies logic and reality.

Something for consideration: when the attack on the Capitol began, Trump was advised to call off the attackers. That advise came from people in his circle and also from some members of Congress. My question is, if he did not have a role in making it happen, then what could he possibly do?

The answer is HE DID HAVE A ROLE. He began preparing for this moment even before the election.

Those in his inner circle and those Congress members who called him also know he played a role. Otherwise, why would he call them to ask the insurrectionist to stop (which he actually never did)?

Because the insurrectionists were listening to him, he could make it stop, just like it made it start.

Why did Trump wait to say anything?  He knew that they would listen to him. If Trump spoke too early, then he knew he would have prevented a lot of what happened.

But Trump did not want to prevent it from happening. Sickly, he cherished it.

Trump and his GOP Senate enablers can’t have it both ways. Trump can either influence, incite and or lead the mob or not.

Unfortunately, the answer is yes he can.

He can and he did. 

And the consequences were tragic and he should be held accountable by the Senate, the nation and the world.

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