They’re Baaaack!

I was so happy this morning when I went out back to do my morning watering routine. As I was watering the garden, I notice that 3 of my poppies had blossomed.

One of the first 3 poppies to blossom today

Every year when I see them, I am so surprised at how beautiful they are. Their color is vibrant and their blossoms are about the size of a grapefruit.

Naturally, being a photo geek, I had to stop watering, run inside and get my gear for some pix. I noticed that a few of them looked like they were getting ready to pop, so I set up a tripod and a hyperlapse camera to capture it when it happened.

While I really like a few of the pix I got, I did NOT hit the hyperlapse jackpot. The camera died and not blossoms. I will keep my eye out and try again.

Enjoy the photos below. They were all shot with a Nikon 105 f2/5 macro lens. I will likely be posting more as the dozens I have fully blossom.

This is my FAVORITE from the morning. I love the richness of the color.

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