The Zip Line in the Hike

I took a picnic themed hike Saturday on the Squaw Overlook Back Trail. It is one of our favorites and we were going so we can monitor to flowers along the trail. Once in full bloom, there are parts of the trail that are crazy covered in flowers.

As we were nearing the apex of the day’s hike, we heard a noise off in the distance. It was a loud whhhrrrrr. Right after hearing it, we both recognized it as the sound of a zip line.

The top of the zipline

Off in a distant meadow, we saw a group of people having what looked like some type of picnic like gathering. As we continued climbing and hearing the noise. We noticed people riding the zip line down to the area of congregation.

We finally arrived at the beginning of the zip line run as someone was getting to ride it down.

Heading down

After chatting with one of the architects of the zip line, we continued on our way and made it to the top of our hike. We found a spot, took our packs off, and enjoyed our delicious lunch that we packed in. By this point, we were both hungry and thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches, chips and fresh fruit.

The view from where we stopped for lunch
A happy hike AFTER eating lunch.

We were hoping to do a meditation when we go to the top. However, it got chilly so we headed back down and decided to see if was any warmer on the way down. As it turned out, it did warm up a bit and after about a mile, we settled on a spot nestled in by trees.

The view on the way down

It was a terrific hike with an elevation change of about 1,500. We are looking forward to going back several more times, especially when the flowers in their full array.


The next morning (this morning) it had snowed overnight and covered the trail we hiked. Below are a few before and after pix that were taken about 16 hours apart.

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