The Week, the Hikes, the Pix

Summer hiking is in full effect and I am loving it.

I love being on the trail, feeling the heat, and of course, making some nice pix.

mount timpanogos trail

This first set of pix was from a wonderful hike on the Mt. Timpanogos trail. I have been on this trail before but only did a short distance. I hike about 3 times further into the trail and there is a LOT more trail because it makes it was to the summit at 11,700 feet. I only went to about 8,000.

One of the best places on the hike was the large waterfall, which I think is called Timpanogos Falls. It is about 30 feet high and is surrounded by some insane moss and wildflowers as shown below.

The moss was insanne around one of the waterfalls

The last photo above was taken further up on the trail and shows a large number of people at the waterfall. We made it right before this large group, thankfully.

This next snap is from high up on the trail looking back deep into the mountain range.

trail flowers

One of my favorite parts of hiking in the mountains is seeing all of the wildflowers. This past week has some nice ones!

Finally, to end this section, some video from the hike.

Provo Canyon

If you follow my blog or social media accounts, you know I spend a lot of time in this canyon. Here are few pix from an early morning hike.

A “Moment of Zen” video from this early morning hike.

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