Fine Feathered Distraction

While beginning a hike into South Fork (Provo Canyon, UT), we witnessed something very cool.

As we walked past the trailhead, on this beuatiful summmer day, we saw what we thought was a bright yellow butterfly zoom right in front of us. When we looked closely, we could tell it was a small bird that was maybe 2 inches tall.

That papa bird watching us carefully

At first, I thought it was a humming bird. But when it was on the ground flapping its wings, I could tell it was something different.

It kept flapping it’s wings like it was unable to fly. It would get on the ground and move its wings like they were broken. It would then dart back and forth quickly from branch to branch.

We walked closer to it and it kept flapping strangely. We then saw another bird with slightly different coloring. We are assuming they were mom and dad. They kept making a rukus.

Flapping his wings away from his baby

It was obvious there wasn’t anything wrong with the bird(s) as they flew adeptly from tree to tree.

When we started to step away, Ann saw an even smaller bird on the other side of the trail. It was perched on a small twig close to the ground.

The tiny baby birds peeks around the blades of grass while its parents try to distract us

Once we saw the small bird and moved a little closer to it, the other two birds came over and tried to get our attention. Turns out, the momma and daddy were trying to steer us away from their baby who was apparently still learning to fly.

Baby bird flew short distances and made a couple moves.

Finally after about 15 minutes of watching this, we continued on our way. I was able to get a few pix. You see in a couple of them, that what I think was the father, was flapping his wings to get our attention away from his baby.

This shot was taken about 4 feet away from the bird. He allowed me to get close.

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