Finding Lost Creek

I went out for my usual sunrise hike this morning in Provo Canyon. I had intentions of hiking an easy trail that starts on the north side of the canyon across from Birdal Veil falls and to hike west into the canyon.

The very beginnings of sunrise over the Bridal Veil Falls area

However, about 100 yards into the hike, I saw a rocky service road that veered to the right. Looking at it, it seemed like it went up a hill and hit a stopping point. After hiking up the hill, I discovered that there was a lot more to the trail.

Beautiful wildflowers along the path

I discovered that it was quite steep, had nice wildflowers, some that I have not seen anywhere else this year, great views of the canyon and Bridal Veil Falls to the south, and a lovely little stream.

Since the trail rises in altitude quickly, you get a terrific view of Bridal Veil Falls
Lost Creek looking downstream
One of the many flowers alongside of Lost Creek.

When I got back home, I was able to research that it was an official trail called Lost Creek Trail and there is a turn around point further in than I went that has a waterfall. I could tell where I stopped that there was more trail left to climb, but I did not go because I was about out of time and it was very thick with brush.

More wildflowers

I was able to discover at home that the actual trailhead for the hike is at Nunn’s Park. I have hiked the beginning section before, but did not know that it connected with the section I was on today.

I mentioned that it is a step trail. It climbs 1,000 feet of altitude per mile. It is a short, but steep hike.

Shooting across the canyon, this folding of the mountain has always been fascinating

Since I now officialy know there is more trail and a waterfall, I am going to have to go back soon and finish the hike. Preferably I can do it again in the early morning and get some more shots like the one below.

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