A Weekend of Beautiful Trails

This was a terrific holiday weekend here in Orem, UT. We had terrific weather for the long 4th of July weekend. I was able to enjoy some of the local holiday festivities such as the Balloon Fest and Stadium of Fire fireworks show.

Early morning like filters through the pines and is accented with campfire smoke on the trail to Cecret Lake

Even with all of that going on, I was able to get out on some gorgeous summertime hikes: Cecret Lake in the Albion basin, the Squaw Overlook Back Trail in Provo, and the Lost Creek trail deep in Provo Canyon. I am going to share a few pix and video from each of them, starting with today’s stunning hike to Cecret Lake.


Cecret Lake: The beauty, calm and setting was magnificent

I came here last year and fell in love. While there were many flowers out today, it wasn’t quite as much as last year. We went a little later in July last year and that could explain it. The lack of rain could be another reason.

Below is a sample of the many flowers we saw.

This may be the most unique flower I have shot all season. There are more takes below.
This ant was exploring every part of the flower
A super cool flower
These red flowers dotted the whole trail
This was nestled in an old log and some branches

The hike to the lake is about 1 mile. It is short and easy. There is a little climb in the quarter mile the has a few switchbacks. People of all ages were on the trail today. The lake is at an elevation of 9,888 feet.

I found this beauty on the underside of a rock

When we got to the lake, we took tons of pictures and then enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade. We lamented a bit that we did not have more time so that we could continue climbing to one of the nearby peaks Sugarloafs or Baldy mountains.

A visitor enjoys the sandwich she brought for lunch at Cecret Lake.

The most beautiful pictures from the hike were made during the first half of the trip to the lake. I love the pictures of the trees with morning lights and the contrast of colors, light and landscape. The first picture in this post is one of them. Below are some of my favorites from the early part of the hike.

A smokey campground
I love this photo
A campground tucked into a grove of trees
The smokey forest
A small stream meanders through the greenery

As usual, we took plenty of pictures of each other on the journey.

Not sure what I am doing here
A visitor Rocks the Rock
One of the many spledorous views on the way down
The mountain across the valley was adorned with yellow wildflowers
We thought this unusual tree growth looked like a ship with tall masts


This is another favorite. I have been waiting since the end of May for the beauty of this hike. While I was a bit laye for the full blosom effect, there was still plenty of beauty.

This is a nice hike that weaves through mountainside, valleys of aspens, wildflowers and then ends with a nice view that includes Buffalo Peak and deep into the mountains behind Provo.

I found this beautiful pasture of flowers and asked some fellow hikers to take this pic
This dale is beautiful yearround. This time of year it is so green it is unbelievable

At about the midpoint of the hike, I came across this campground. It turns out it was four girls who were camping under the stars – the best way! Shortly after I walked through, they got up a broke camp.


I discovered this trail on an early morning sunrise hike

I got early and went deep into Provo Canyon and was going to do a simple hike that walks basck west toward the mouth of the canyon. However, I saw a service road that turned off the trail and I discovered Lost Creek Trail. It had a lovely stream.

It turns out I did not complete the trail. After researching it a bit, I found out there is a waterfall at the turn around point. I will have to go back to complete the trail.

This beautiful flower adorned the snow melt stream
Off in the distance is Bridal Veil Falls
Flowers on the side of the trail

These three hikes on the holiday weekend made this weekend a joy. The more beauty I see on the trail, the more I seek it. We are heading into a short work week and I am looking forward to what is ahead this week and weekend.

Stay tuned!

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