The Fiery Cliffs of Noynac Ovorp

Faithful followers of this blog know that I have a strong fear of heights. They also know that I do my best to not let it stop me from doing things I want to do…like climb mountains.

The Fiery Cliffs of Noynac Ovorp in the early morning night

This morning I accomplished a relatively small feat conquering the fear. I traversed up the path on the deathly edge of the Fiery Cliffs of Noynac Ovorp. I hiked about a mile to reach the lowend of the trail that skirts along the sheer cliffs.

I hit the trail shortly after 5a because that is my favorite time to hike. I also find great inspiration in the mornings. I figured if I was going to risk my life on the narrow passageway, I might as well do it when I am most fortified and motivated.

The good news is that it worked! I survived the almost near death experience and lived to write (and exagerrate) about it here on my blog.

This is a shot of the section of the Fiery Cliffs that I covered today. The redline shows where the trail runs at the top of the cliffs.

The dangerous stretch I traversed is a little less than a quarter of mile long. TBH, I only had a few moments of high anxiety while hiking across the trail. I felt proud of myself for go straight into my fear and I actually did pretty well.

The truth is that while the hike was an accomplishment for me, I know that for many people it would have been a big, fat and juicy nothing burger. I have seen many people hike the trail and even ride their mountain bikes on it. Good for them!

And good for me too!

It was a terrific start of the week. Not only was it a beautiful morning and a lovely hike as evidenced by the photos below, but I made a small step of progress by hiking the trail.

The sunrise this morning behind the mountains
An old truck somehow ended up in a ravine at the bottom of the cliffs.
The trail that leads to the beginning of the treacherous climb is winding and curvy.
Taken at the beginning of the climb up the Fiery Cliffs, this shot shows the steepness and height.
It is sunflower season and they lined the trails the entire hike

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