The Canyon Overfloweth

Those who are regulars on this blog, or on any of my social media outlets (@workingitoutnow on Twitter and IG), know that I spend a lot of time in Provo Canyon. The mouth to the canyon is about 2 miles from my house.

The marshy area of the Provo River

I am usually going into the canyon to avail myself of the myriad of hiking trails that if offers. However, for the past 2 weeks I have been going in almost daily to enjoy the amazing show of colors its millions of trees, bushes and flowers are providing.

When I was driving in the canyon this morning, the colors were so rich, so intense, that I literally had to force my self to stop looking. It was becoming dangerous because I was looking for so long.

This post is basically just a photo blog of some of my favorite pix from the past several days. If you see one you especially like, leave a comment and let me know.

A beautiful railroad crossing in Wildwood in Provo Canyon
The Provo River Trail
Nice color on the Upper Falls trail
A fly fisherman in the Provo River
The view of the the north side of the canyon taken at Upper Falls
Inside the woods of the Upper Falls trail
The Provo River in Wildwood
Part of the mountainside in Wildwood
The Wildwood bridge
Looking up the south side of the canyon behind the Squaw Overlood
The Provo River
This is a Provo Canyon lookout parking lot shot from across the canyon
The Upper Falls bridge
The entrance to the Upper Falls trail

These last few pix of the helicopter are super cool to me. First, I love aircraft and second, this helicopter was ferrying telephone poles and construction supplies to a mountaintop as they were extending powerlines across the canyon.

Taking a telephone pole up the mountain

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