What are the chances of this happening in Orem, UT?

As I walked to drive home home, I noticed something unusual to happen in UT

When I came out from the gym today I noticed that parked next to me was a most undesirable thing – a car with a University of Texas license plate on it. Naturally, my first instinct was to gag.

Boomer Sooner Baby!

My license plate proudly supports the #1 of all time – University of Oklahoma Sooners.

We have built a university that the football team can be proud of!

My first thought was to call a tow truck. But then, with it being the Christmas season and all, I decided that I would not do that, although it would be in the best interest of all humanity.

I then decided to leave a note on his car to wish him a Merry Christmas.

I mean after all, just because we’re sworn mortal enemies on the football field does not mean we can’t be kind humans to each other.

But I remembered something that has changed the course of history for all mankind: he went to the University of Texas, which means he probably can’t read the note to begin with. So sad. So I took up the note and threw it away. At least in my heart I know that I had good feelings for the man, even though he is a Longhorn.

I hope he has a great Christmas, otherwise he is certainly not going to get happiness any from being a Texas fan, because all of the smartest people in the world know this one basic fact:

Texas _ _ _ _ _.

My fellow Sooners know how to spell and can finish that sentence.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of Sooner nation!

Ok, yea and maybe to the lowly Longhorns fans too.


A week later while I was back at the gym, I saw someone working out wearing a Texas hat and shirt. So I took a chance and walked over to talk to him.

I shared the pix in this post with him and he chuckled loudly. In fact, I was stunned to see that he could speak in complete sentences and use words with more that 4 letters.

We took this picture together, exchanged names and went on with our workouts.

My new frenemy at the gym

It turns out that even Texas fans can be pretty nice people. Well, at least this one.

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