A Powerful Moment in History

Today Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed the United States Congress. To one’s surprise, this leader/hero left an indelible mark in the hearts, minds and consciense of the Congress and all Americans who watched.

His authenticity is only surpassed by his passion for the people of Ukraine and is laser sharp focus to protect them.

While he spoke for over 15 minutes, the best words he delivered, were actually delivered with pictures. He shared a video that showed his country in good times and in these war-ravaged times.

If a normal picture speaks a thousand words, his video spoke terrabytes of words, and emotions, and inspiration.

At the end of the video, you saw proof of his leadership, intellect and strategic thinking. The video closes with this phrase, “Close the sky over Ukraine.”

This message is an evolution in Zelenskyy’s leadership. He has gone from asking for a NO FLY ZONE, to using the phrase, CLOSE THE SKY OVER UKRAINE. While he would be thrilled if the U.S. and/or NATO would institute a no fly zone, he realizes it is unlikely. So, he is now asking for the sky to be closed through the weapons and technolgies that can be provided his country.

Here are my thoughts on how we should help Zelenskyy.

Here is the video he shared with Congress.

You can watch his entire address to Congress in the video below. The video above is also part of his address.

Zelenskyy is new breed of leader. He is smart, strategic, brave, confident and committed. I am impressed with him and how he has inspired his country people and a lof of the world.

I hope the world continues and increases it support of his efforts.

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