Foggy Canyon

It rained pretty hard overnight. I got up early and hit the trail at 530a to hike into Provo Canyon because I was hoping for some cloudy sunrise magic.

The fog creeps into the canyon


I started my hike at about 545. The first mile is a 1-mile ascent of about 500 feet. About half way up, I notice a small clump of fog moving north toward the mouth of Provo Canyon on the west side of the mountain range.

Looking south toward Provo, I notice the small amount of fog gathering and creeping toward where I was hiking

When I was just about done with the initial mile climb, the fog had grown exponentially and was entering through the mouth of the canyon.

Growing in size the whole time, the fog enters the canyon

I stayed in the general area for a while. In addition to the video above, I took a range of photos here. The lighting changed constantly during the hike and especially at this location.

A little color showing in the distance
And the colors changed

When I moved down the trail about another mile or so, the fog was staring to consume the whole canyon. You will see it in the photos and videos below.

This is where the fog started rising up and then minutes later, consumed the trail and canyon
The canyon cliffs get enveloped by fog
The visibility was reducing at this point
The foggy meadow

On the way back the fog was breaking up, gathering again, and then breaking up again.

The fog and clouds look like they are in chaos
I like this one as the a bit of sunlight peeks through into the canyon hills

It was super fun hiking 5 miles and watching and shooting the evolution of the weather this morning. I love what Mother Nature can do…most of the time!

I wonder what is in store tomorrow morning!

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