An Active Day on the Trail

I have said this many times here on my blog: I am surprised with how many super cool things I get to experience while on the trail.

Due to my recent work travel, this morning was the first time in over a week that I have been out for a good strenuous hike. After my abbreviated gym workout at 5:30, I switched into my hiking shoes and head for the canyon.

I passed several horse riding parties. This was the first during the steepest part of the climb. City of Provo in the background.

When I arrived at the trail head, I met a friend who I have not seen on the trail all year. He had just finished his hike with his doggie companion. I asked him what path he took. I was expecting to hear that he stayed on the main trail. But he surprised my by saying he went up the ridge line a bit. This is a more rigorous pathway.

I decided to follow his lead.

I was pleasantly surprised with how strong I felt on the trail today. I climbed over 1,200 feet in the first 2 miles without much struggle. That added to the great experience today.

Over the course of the hike I came across the following: 2 hot air balloons, multiple parties of horse riders, a group of high school cross country runners, numerous mountain bikers, and a deer skull. I was also able to record the next installment of my THOUGHTS FROM THE TRAIL series.

Perhaps the highlight of the hike was in the meadow near Little Baldy Mountain. As I was hike across the meadow, I was starting to shoot one of my usual trail videos talking about how lovely it was. As soon as I started recording, I could see and hear some movement behind me on the trail. The video below shows that moment.

After the riders passed me they continued on the trail. I could hear them talking off in the distance. They then looped back around and stopped. It turns out asked if I could send them a copy of the video.

It was a father and his two sons. The father said it was hard for them to get their own good video. I offered to take a picture of them as well. The best of those pix is shown below. Be sure to check out the dog. I whistled at him and he started running toward me. I took the shot and it work out well. BTW, the dog ran right up to me as I was kneeling and give me a big kiss across my face.

A father, his two sons and their family dog. Mt. Timpanogos in the background.

I enjoyed talking with the family. That dad works in technology for a well-known family history company. They explained to me that the horse on the right in the above photo is a colt that was in the wild in Oregon. The dad talking about how they are training the horse. It was then I remembered seeing the dad earlier this year riding his horse while tethered to the horse in training. I saw them on another trail. In fact, I photographed him on the trail with his trainee.

The photo below shows the marking put on the OR DNR. They explained that somehow they freeze the hair as a way of marking the horses. Fascinating.

The lettering the was frozen into the hair of the horse

Below is the video I intended to shoot when I was surprised by the horse riders.

Some of the other happenings from the hike are found below.

A colorful hot air balloon rise about downtown Provo
A cross country running team from a nearby school
The skull of what I assume was once a deer

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