I visited RED TACOS tonight for dinner. It is located in a small shop that is adjacent to University Mall in Orem. Their address is 1077 S 750 E, Orem, UT 8409. They are stuck between Cubby’s and Farr’s Ice Cream.

I have driven past the restaurant daily for several years and have never stopped in until today. However, when I walked inside, it felt vaguely familiar. The decor looked similar to another place I have eaten.

One of the things I did not like about the interior was the dark shield they have installed in between the order location and the pick up location. It prevents you from being able to see the food prep.

There were maybe 12 tables on the inside. There was certainly nothing fancy with the seating, which is fine. That stuff is overrated when the food is good.

Speaking of the food….

I ordered Combo #1 which consists of 2 cheese tacos, 2 street tacos and the consome, which is a dark, beefy birria broth in which you can dip your tacos. I also ordered a take-home version of their Ramen with that same birria broth and shredded beef.

Dipping a cheese taco into the consome

I enjoyed eating the tacos, but I can tell you I was not overwhelmed. The meat was tender, the shell had a nice soft and crunchy combo. Even after adding the sauce, onions, cilantro and dipping the tacos into the consome, the flavor never really tickled my tongue. My belly was full, but my palate was left wanting.

For me, one of the best parts of a good taco shop is having a salsa and condiment bar. None of that at Red Taco. They give you one little container of the sauce you get to choose from three sauces.

The bottom line is that I probably would not go back even though it wasn’t bad. There are so many other terrific places to get a good taco. Below is the grade I give the tacos at Red Taco.

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