Jurassic TACO Flavor is Not Extinct

Continuing my taco tour of culinary delight throughout the Salt Lake City metro area, I stopped in today at Jurassic Street Tacos in Pleasant Grove. They have multiple locations in the area. Below is my review.

The carne asado taco drowning in salsas and relish

When I walked into the restaurant, I was the only customer in the store. I was warmly greeted by the 3 staff members that were around the order area. Music was playing, the walls were decorated and tv monitors up high displayed the menu. Due to glare on the screens from the daylight, they were hard to read. Fortunately, they had laminated menus as well.

The menu

I was tempted to order some of the non-taco offerings, but stayed true to my taco tasting trials and order the “Megalo Combo 2.” I got 2 chicken and 2 carne asado tacos.

I had to pay with cash because their point of sale system was not working correctly. Fortunately, I had just enough cash to cover the cost.

While my food was being prepped. I checked out the condiment bar and was pleased to see the selection that included, onions and cilantro, pickled onions, pickled carrots with jalapenos, onions with jalapenos, and shredded cabbage. There was one more item that made me super happy – diced cucumbers. I love the texture and flavor they add to a street taco.

The condiment bar!
My selections from the condiment bar

After about 7 minutes, my taco platter was brought to my table. It had 4 tacos nicely adorned and accompanied with a small side of chips and 4 different sauces. The 4th sauce was a surprise because they did not have that one on the bar. It was a salsa designed to go with the chips. It was tasty. The scene is shown below.

I immediately grabbed a bunch of napkins and dove into the taco tour on my tray. I started with the grilled chicken taco. I took a bit in my excitement before I smothered it with sauce and condiments.

It was delicious!

The second bite was even better after I slathered all the goodies all over it. My tongue was happy!

I saved the carne asado taco for last because I generally prefer them. While it was still a good taco, I was surprised that I actually thought the chicken taco was better.

You can watch the video below which shows my first bits of both the chicken and carne asado tacos.

Below is the storefront, a neon sign inside the restaurant, and a succulent that was placed on the table. I really like to small and subtle succulent. Nice touch.

I would like to come back and try some of the other items on the menu. As far as the tacos go, I am going to give Jurassic Street Tacos a grade of A-.

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