Feb Done, Winter Won

Well another chapter of 2023 has come to a close. This one was quite remarkable here in Utah. We have had record-breaking snow this month and all winter.

Sunset at Icy Utah Lake

In addition to the many beautiful sights that winter has revealed in February, I have also been traveling a bit out of state this month. My most notable out of state trips have been to Austin and White Sands National Park in NM.

This will be heavy photo post without much text. I am going to start with some winter pix and video.


An aerial view of snow cover
I have fallen in love with snow shoeing. I caught this daddy-daughter team at the end of their adventure.
I followed this skier for about 45 minutes as he zigzagged up the mountain so he could enjoy a downhill run.
This mom and her son posed for me as they were on a winter picnic trying out her prototype backpack that is seen in front of her. Their dogs were gorgeous. I could have spent a lot of time photographing them.


I love this shot. Low light and handheld with the Z30.
An endless white sand dune beach without the water.


This awesome mural is called the Tau Ceti.

One last notable event from this month. Our beloved Kyo was hit by a car and died on Feb 12. He was the first cat that I ever connected with. We were buds in some of the strangest ways. I miss his nuzzles and harmonic purrs. He is now in the great big scratching post in the sky. MeOuch.

Kyo on the snowy roof the day before his demise.

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