Life Is Like Tetris

There are similarities between this classic game and life in general.

You probably remember the game Tetris. In fact, you have probably played the game.

As you likely know, Tetris a game that uses the shapes all based upon 4 blocks.

The basic premise of the game is that random versions of the 4 blocks appear at the top
of the screen and you have to use the controls at your disposal to fit the block in the best place.

The goal is to complete a row of blocks across the screen, and when you do, that row or rows clear away.

If you place the block in the right place, you can clear away up to 4 rows at once.

That was the best!

When the new block appears at that top of the screen and you fail to act upon it, it goes
down to the brick pile at the bottom of the screen. If you choose to do nothing, the bricks
stack up quickly and reach the top and the game ends.

Also, if you fail to place the incoming blocks fast enough and in the right spots to clear
rows, they build up and reach the top as well. And yes, the game ends.

To make matters worse, as the game goes on and you successfully clear the rows, new
blocks come faster and faster, the need to think quickly and respond accordingly increases.

If you do not keep up, you lose control, the bricks pile up and game over.

The game of Tetris is much like what we have to deal with in life.
We wake up each morning not knowing what the day will bring. We may have plans and
or thoughts about what we want to happen that day, but just like in Tetris where we do
not know what blocks are coming, we do not know everything that we will face that day.

Furthermore, as things come at us during the day, we have to decide what to do them, or where to put them, as in where to put the block in Tetris.

We may not make all the best decisions during the day. We may let some things fall through and we may also be able to fit some things right into place.

And on really bad days, things comes at us so fast there is no way to keep up. Our tasks pile up and we can lose control of the day.

Tetris is based upon fitting together pieces that each contain 4 blocks.

I have thought of 4 “blocks of thought” that can apply to our everyday lives. See if you
can fit them together.

Block 1 – Be ready for whatever comes next
Block 2 – Stay calm
Block 3 – Clear away or take care of what you can.
Block 4 – There is no perfect day or perfect game of Tetris, both can get messy.

If you are able to handle the four blocks during the game and in life, your chances of positive outcomes increases.

Just like when it is GAME OVER time in Tetris and you start a new game, the same is true about the end of a bad day. The good thing about the end of a bad day is that a
new and potentially good day can be only one second away.

Just like it takes practice to get good in Tetris, we get to practice life every single day.

And you always have the joystick!

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