House of Love

Loving someone is an amazing feeling. Can we learn to love everyone?

At our core, I believe that most of want love and to give love.

The truth is that it may not be as easy as it sounds because we find some people easier to love than others.

When we think about love in bigger terms, we should not be excluding people from that love for what they do or how they act (unless they are abusive, which is a different matter altogether).

We love them because we want to be loving people.

By way of example, Jay Shetty used this analogy: If you like to have a clean house, you keep it clean whether you have guests or not because it makes it a more pleasant place for you to live.

The same is true when we create a loving environment in your heart. You do it for yourself, no matter who receives or returns it.

You don’t mess your house up if someone messy comes in.

In the same way that you don’t fill your heart with hate because someone hateful enters into your environment. You want to live in a house of love.

I have to confess this requires a strong commitment to yourself and a lot of practice.

It also will bring diversity to the ways in which you can love people. Some can be loved up close and some can be loved from afar. You make that determination while remaining in your house of love. You may have to make adjustments in the distance you keep while always remaining in YOUR house.

In order to live in a house of love, that is part of the work.

Allow me to encourage you to think about this topic. I am continuing to think about it. I am on the beginning of this journey.

I want love to be a constant theme in my everyday life. I would be happy to strive for that with you.

May we be faithful and successful in this practice and may we love one another.

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