Love Is Action

You have probably heard the phrase that LOVE is not just a noun, but it is a verb. It requires ACTION.

Of course this is true and generally when we think about the actions we take to show love, they are likely to be outward actions that we do for someone we love.

There are also inward actions that we can take when we love. Sometimes these are harder than the outward expressions. I am going to share 4 that Jay Shetty has identified.

First, there is UNDERSTANDING

All of us want to be understood.

Loveing those closest to you is to try to understand who they are and what they are trying to achieve. We do this by listening and asking questions rather than pushing our ideas and agenda.

The second inward action is BELIEF.

Our loved ones want us to believe in them. This means believing they have the potential to achieve their dreams. When someone shares an idea, give positive feedback. Be encouraging and as supportive as you can.

The third inward action is ACCEPTANCE.

Our loved ones, and pretty much everyone, want to be accepted and loved for just the way they are, for who they are, with all the flaws, warts, and differences from ourselves and others. We should avoid placing our expectations of what they should do or how they should act onto them.

The last inward action is APPRECIATION.

We can give love through appreciating the big and little things that our loves ones do, the struggles they face, their efforts to improve, the changes they make and they energy and contribution they make to our relationship. To be clear, while you can appreciate internally, in order for it to have impact, this is one of the inward actions that requires and outward expression. People need to HEAR they are appreciated.

If you think about it for yourself, I would wager that these 4 inward LOVE ACTIONS are also important for you to receive.

Don’t you also want to be understood, to be believed, to be accepted and to be appreciated?

Of course you do. And I do as well.

I encourage us to ponder these things and look for opportunities to express both inward and outward love to others.

Here’s a fun song called LOVE ACTION by the Human League.

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