April in Photos

Is it me? Or is 2023 flying by at light speed?

We are now a third of the way into this year. Photographically speaking for me, the first four months were wonderful. We had crazy snow here in Utah and it made great photos. We are now transitioned away from new snow falling, and in the middle of SNOW MELT SPRING, which will likely extend into SNOW MELT SUMMER.

This month transitioned from a brutal record-breaking snow….
…into a wonderful spring season.

I am thrilled that the official hiking season is open now that some of the closed trails are no longer a danger to wildlife and to humans alike.’

Below are some of the tops pix from the month and even a few that I have not published anywhere else. I have also interspersed a few of my favorite videos of the month.

I am going to start with my favorite photo of the month. This one surprises me and it might you as well, after you see it and all the others. I love the photo below for 2 reasons. First I love the expression on the girl in the front. Second, I love the color tones. This was taken at the end of day. While I love it, as it is frequently the case, I wish no one else was in the picture. Even so, I love it!

My #1 of the month. Do you have a fave? If so, let me know.

You can click below to enlarge any of the photos.

Southern Utah near St. George.

One of the highlights of the month was traveling to NC to see my mother and my son and his family. Below are a few highlights.

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