The resistance that we find in life is the resistance we put into it!

Whether to say yes or no is probably the most frequent choice that we make every day.

We make that choice over and over.

You probably know people who are in the habit of saying no all the time. My experience is that they do not make life easy.

You may also know people who say yes all the time. that too comes with its own challenges. 

As I was thinking about this I came to the realization that I, and others I know, make the yes or no decision based upon how they did so in the past.  

It becomes a habit.

A very common scene in families is when a child says they don’t want to eat something because even thought they haven’t tried it, they don’t like it. 

Many parents have become frustrated by this scenario.  

The truth is that adults do the same when we reject the new and unknown. We basically revert to that childlike habit without using any thought.  

This is actually a form a form of resistance. 

If you met with no resistance in your life, you would have.much less reason to say no.

That has me thinking about where resistance comes.from

Sometimes when people resist us we can become annoyed and push back. 

I think we all might have a form of hidden resistance within us. 

Think about the following statements and whether or not you can refute them:  

Other people are more accepting if you do not resist them. 

Getting what you want often involves someone else getting what they want.

Cooperation brings better results than not cooperating.

It is easy to say no to things that are new and unknown. 

Everyday life gives you the opportunity whether to struggle or to give in.

There is no pattern of behavior that suits all situations. 

Deepak Chopra defines the way tondeal wthresistance as Least Effort. 

Don’t confuse it with laziness or doing nothing!

He relates it to self empowerment.

Try not immediatelt saying no to a new or challenging situation without first relaxing, centering yourself, taking a deep breath and letting your deeper awareness respond. 

If given a chance deeper awareness Prefers to bring about the right result with the least effort.

Try not to act impulsively. 

Instead Try this. 

When faced with A stressful situation, ask yourself if the path of least resistance open to you.

If so, take it.

Learn to allow and to let go more often,rather than trying to take over and take control.

Favor consensus and cooperation.

Here’s a hard one: avoid people who are counter to what we we are discussing. People who generate resistance and disharmony. 

Least effort is not acquiescence or mental laziness. 

I suggest least effort is not easy at all because we have been socially conditioned to never giving up, fighting the battle and vanquishing the enemy.

Resistance in this sense works against yourself and others.

I encourage us both to be mindful about yes and no.

 To reflect on whether or not we are being thoughtful and intentional and whether we are making things harder through resistance.  

I hope we can learn as we do so and I feel.confident we will attain higher levels of success, peace and harmony.

And yes, as always it is a practice. It is not a journey of perfection. 

I wish the best to you and to me!

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