This page is dedicated to an education related posts that I have placed on The Umenum. Some of the writings go back to my days as a Superintendent of Schools.

At a Loss for Words

They’ve bought into the cueing idea. The idea that a child can read a book without being able to read the words.


It was once said, “It is not enough to be busy; the question is, what are we busy about?” Make no doubt, all schools are busy. What a school chooses to be busy about not…

A Lesson Learned and Now Shared

This morning, I was at the gym listening to one of my favorite morning political shows and something surprising jumped in my head as I listened to the political hay going back and forth. I…

Navigating the Educational Waters of Covid-19

Fortunately, while we now see the storm heading rapidly toward us, we do not need to panic because we can handle the winds and rough seas. We can be prepared.

One of My Proudest Accomplishments

One of my proudest accomplishments came during my first year as a new middle school teacher. I was hired to teach Spanish, but because I did not have a full load, I also had to…

So You Are Now an Online Preschool Teacher

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are many preschool teachers who are wrestling with how to keep meaningful contact with their class while not having in person contact.

30 Years of Teaching – What a Gift!

Some of you may know that I am a former middle school teacher. I loved it and if I ever go back into teaching, it will be in middle school. I had the pleasure of attending…

How You Start Can Make A BIG Difference

How you start plays a big difference in how you finish. I had the pleasure today of seeing that in action at a school in Davis School District in Kaysville, UT. I was visiting with Mountain High School (MHS)…

Another Brick in the Wall

I can still remember the day vividly. I am not sure of the exact date, but I remember it was in November of 1979. I was in 10th grade at Intermediate High School in Broken…

The REAL American Dream

What do you think of when you think of attaining the American Dream? In his book titled, The Epic of America, written in 1931 during the Great Depression, James Truslow Adams wrote, “It is not a…

Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

It has been snowing a lot here in Utah this winter. This past week we had a most beautiful snow fall. Big fluffy flakes floating, falling and finding a place of rest on a pine tree.…


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Hello! I am Scott Andersen, Ed.D.. I am father of 8 children and am a devoted educator. While my career path has included time as a photojournalist and software developer, I found my home, when I stepped into a 5th grade bilingual classroom as a substitute teacher. Two days later, I was hired as a full-time teacher. For the past 30 years, I have not looked back or regretted that decision! I now work with districts and state entities to open new schools centered on meeting the unique needs of each learner.

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