This page is built upon my recent studies and practices. The content from the 1-minute videos linked below come from multiple sources: the books How to Fight” by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Total Meditation” by Deepak Chopra, Brene Brown’s work, and some of my own musings.

The truth is that these topics below are really reminders for me. They are part of my journey. I am sharing them in the off chance that they may also be helpful for you on your own unique journey.

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Victim Number 2

You may believe that you are the only one who suffers and that the other person is thoughtless or vindictive and that’s why they made you suffer.


We practice Shamatha to slow down our agitated mind and gain stability. When we offer our mind a chance to calm down, we are offering ourselves a chance to observe and understand our inner workings.

A Tree in the Storm

When we’re caught in a store of emotions, we can practice to be like the trunk and become still, not carried away by our thinking and emotions.

Don’t Run Away

It is by looking deeply into the nature of suffering that we discover the path of transformation and healing.

Love Your Enemy

When we recognize someone is suffering, it’s easy to accept them and have compassion.

Man Is Not Your Enemy

With looking deeply and the practice of compassionate dialogue, we can transform misperceptions and anger into understanding and love. just as a gardener can transform compost to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables.

Gentle Communication

Gentleness is powerful. When we use gentle and loving speech, we are able to transform all the anger, fear, resentment and suspicion in our communication.

Breathe Before Speaking

It is important to breathe before speaking in an emotional or tense situation.

You Control Your Brain

This is the third post in a series of encouragement and thought based upon “How to Fight” by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Listen to Others

Recommendation: take 1 minute to watch video in this post called LISTEN TO YOURSELF before you watch the one below. (Apologies in advance for the wind in the mic.) If you want to see all of the other posts in the series, visit my HOW TO FIGHT Encouragement Page.

Listen to YOURSELF

I am starting a new series on TikTok. He is the first video about listening to yourself. It is from a book called, “How to Fight” by Thich Nhat Hanh. If you want to see all of the other posts in the series, visit my HOW TO FIGHT Encouragement Page.

How Can I Help?

Sometimes you believe that you are doing something out of love and in the service of another person’s happiness. But if you do not act from a place of deep understanding of the other person, your actions may actually be making them suffer.

Peace in Oneself

We can only listen to another person and understand their suffering if we have first looked deeply, embraced and been kind to our own fear and anger.

A Loving Heart

May I be happy.
May I have a peaceful heart.
May I embody loving kindness

Are You Sure?

One of the deepest things we can learn is we should not be too sure of our own ideas. Don’t be fooled by your perceptions. Even if you are sure you are seeing clearly, check again.

Keep an open mind. Be ready to let go of your views.

Opening Doors

And when we better understand ourselves, we also open doors to a peace, calm and stillness that in turn, opens even more doors in the relationships that matter most.

I Hate You

Part 17 of the “How to Fight” Encouragement Series. Check out my ENCOURAGEMENT PAGE to see the other posts in this series. What could we really mean if we think or say we hate someone?


Have you ever been driving a route you normally take and come upon a sign that said the road was closed?

The same can happen to us in our relationships. We can think we are on a path and suddenly find that path is closed.


Questioning our perceptions and listening deeply without prejudice or judgment is a very strong practice.

An Open Mind

Calming our emotions and looking deeply, we can become aware of our feelings and of whatever misperceptions we might have that could prevent us from hearing and understanding the other person.

How Large is Your Heart

Increasing our understanding and compassion makes our heart grow greater


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Fixing My Mind Toward Growth

In the past few weeks I have been feeling something. Or maybe thinking something. Ok, actually, both. I haven’t really been able to figure it out.

Don’t Just Go Through It, GROW Through It

I think it one of the resonant points is that we are always going to face challenges, and when we are, we have a choice. We can either be victimized by the challenge or we can learn something from the challenge.

Your Direction is Most Important

As I was hiking and was presented with several path options, a thought came to mind. It is one that I heard Sunday while listening to a church message online.

One of My Proudest Accomplishments

One of my proudest accomplishments came during my first year as a new middle school teacher. I was hired to teach Spanish, but because I did not have a full load, I also had to teach a section of Language Arts and 6th grade math.

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