A Surprise Holiday Reunion

My son Elias has been serving in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. He came back about 2 weeks ago and was stationed at Fort Dix in NJ.  He did not tell his wife that he was back in the states. This withholding of info paid off yesterday when Elias was able to surprise … Continue reading A Surprise Holiday Reunion

Being Deployed

I was so happy to be able to attend the farewell sendoff for my son and his Army unit this past weekend.  His unit is based in Opelika, AL and the sendoff was held there in a high school gym.  It was classic Americana with a 5-piece Army band, lots of veterans, leader talks, patriotic … Continue reading Being Deployed

A Tea Party with Daddy

Well today is a bit of a sad day in the Andersen house.  Elias, Sara, Ellie Bean and their dog are hitting the road today.  Elias is driving them to Idaho so that they can stay with Sara's mom while he is training and for his deployment to Afghanistan.  He will be deployed 400 days.In … Continue reading A Tea Party with Daddy