Finishing the Jetty Journey

In January of 2017, I set out for an ill-conceived trip to northern Utah to visit the Spiral Jetty. I almost made it all the way there. If it wasn't for feet of snow on the last nine miles of road. You can read about that here. The two photos below show a picture of … Continue reading Finishing the Jetty Journey

24th and Wood

I recently wrote here on my blog about my first travels to the east side of San Francisco Bay. I shared some pix shot from the east side looking toward downtown San Francisco. In that post, I wrote very briefly about a large homeless community that really struck a chord with me, and how for some … Continue reading 24th and Wood

Stensen’s Mountain Pencil Drawing

Well, he did it again. As I watched Stensen being this drawing, I was impressed at how he brought the mountain to life. I love so much that he is able to express his creativity through art work. It is a long drawing and I had to use to scans stitched together to get it … Continue reading Stensen’s Mountain Pencil Drawing

Back Porch Artists

Right after dinner cleanup the other night, the twins disappeared for a few minutes.  I was sitting at my computer when they came bursting through the back door and were imploring me to come out on to the back deck. They made me close my eyes and escorted me out.  After guiding me through the … Continue reading Back Porch Artists