Best Photos of 2022

Looking back on my year in photography, my intent was to keep it simple. I just couldn't this year. This is an insane post with tons of my fave pix from this incredible year.

The Vacation Life

Most of us cannot physically live the vacation life on a daily basis. While that may be nice, we can live the vacation life every moment with the right mindset.

Beauty in the Land and in the Humanity

Obviously, the location was remarkably beautiful, at times breathtaking. What was surprising to me was how absolutely kind, thoughtful, safe and hardworking the many people with whom we came in contact were.

Santa Cruzin’

In my earlier post, I noted that I enjoyed two major destinations on this same Sunday. The first was Big Basic Redwoods State Park and the second was Santa Cruz. The photos above and below show the same location, but from different perspectives. Above, the waves are shown crashing against the banks of the lighthouse. … Continue reading Santa Cruzin’

Paddle Boarding, Beaching, Aerials, and Yana’s Birthday

We had another busy day on the beach. The morning started with flying the drone at sunrise and making the video below. Then we had fun on the beach, going paddle boarding with dolphins, crashing waves during some more beach time, having an episode out the "The Birds" where our car was surrounded by some strange … Continue reading Paddle Boarding, Beaching, Aerials, and Yana’s Birthday

Our LAST Beach of Our #FLTrip2014

Sniff, sniff.Well, here I sit in the hotel room on Hutchinson Island, FL.  The kiddos are in bed falling asleep arguing about the moving Curious George.  This is the last of 6 beaches we visited on our journey this summer.  I have to visit a center here in nearby St. Lucie in the morning, so … Continue reading Our LAST Beach of Our #FLTrip2014


Day 3 of our #FloridayTrip2014 involved a drive from Orlando to Treasure Island and Clearwater Beach.  Even though we are red like lobsters. we are as happy as clams after spending an awesome day at Clearwater Beach in FL. The beach itself was crowded, but beautiful. However, the highlight of the day was the boat … Continue reading Florida Trip – CLEARWATER BEACH