Rewarding Moment

In the life of a parent there are certain moments that make every bit of it worthwhile.  I had one of those moments tonight.  My boys and I just finished watching the movie Gandhi.   At the end of the movie Stensen stands up and says, "that may be my favorite movie of all time."  Harrisen said, … Continue reading Rewarding Moment

Camping Day 3 – The North GA Air Show

We concluded Fall Break breaking camp in Helen and driving through the country to Rome for the North Georgia Air Show.  There was some amazing aerial acrobatics - things I have never seen before.  The commentators were two old men and they were hilarious in a not so good way. We had fun but … Continue reading Camping Day 3 – The North GA Air Show

Camping with My Boys – Day 2

Another amazing day camping in North GA. Today we made a leisurely breakfast after taking our time getting going. We made a very rare treat of sausage along with eggs, hashbrowns, onions, peppers and mushrooms.  Our outing for the day was to visit Octoberfest in Helen. We enjoyed some nice scenery, watched some hand crafted … Continue reading Camping with My Boys – Day 2

Camping with My Boys – Day 1

After a long anticipated wait......we finally made the trek to North Georgia today for our Fall Break camp out.  We have planned this for months and have wanted to go camping for much longer than that. I am writing this post on the table at our campsite.  Millions of stars are twinkling above me brightly.If I … Continue reading Camping with My Boys – Day 1