24th and Wood

I recently wrote here on my blog about my first travels to the east side of San Francisco Bay. I shared some pix shot from the east side looking toward downtown San Francisco. In that post, I wrote very briefly about a large homeless community that really struck a chord with me, and how for some … Continue reading 24th and Wood

Mount Montara and Beach

Saturday's trek was to Mount Montara for some hiking training. Just before arriving, and almost across the street from the trailhead, is Montara State Beach. Oh my! Have I mentioned how much I love California? We stopped at a little parking area of a not-yet opened restaurant that overlooked the beach. There were only a … Continue reading Mount Montara and Beach

Big Basin Redwood State Park

Today's journeys brought me to two great destinations. The first, shown in the post, is Big Basin Redwood State Park. Just like yesterday, the drive was beautiful and windy with lots of hairpin turns. I stopped frequently to nab pix along the way. One of the first major vistas of the say was this one … Continue reading Big Basin Redwood State Park

A Wet Trip to Castle Rock

This was my first weekend in CA since starting work here in Jan. I drove up to Castle Rock State Park in the midst of fog and hard rain. The drive alone was amazing. When I arrive at the park, the rain became very heavy and I was only able to walk a short span … Continue reading A Wet Trip to Castle Rock