A Night on the Mountain

Two of my daughters, Yana and Riri, decided to join for dinner on the mountain and then they went home and left me all alone on the mountain. Of course, I was totally groovy with that. Although, it would have been great if they stayed.

Venezuelan Arepas…A Throwback

When I was in 5th-7th grade, I lived in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.I loved living there and did not want to come back to the states because I had so much fun!  I loved the country, the beauty, the people, the food and the language.  One the foods that I adored the most was the arepas … Continue reading Venezuelan Arepas…A Throwback

The Best Meal of Our Lives!

While sitting at the pool today on Hutchinson Island (in FL), Stensen and I asked the waitress, who brought us our delicious frozen lemonade drinks, where we could get a good steak. Well she immediately said Peter's Steakhouse in Jensen Beach. It was only about 10 minutes away, so we decided to go. Words cannot … Continue reading The Best Meal of Our Lives!