The Frozen Lake – Morning and Evening

I decided to take the drone to Utah Lake today. I first went in the morning and then returned again in the evening for sunset. The lake is mostly frozen and it was fun walking out in the middle of the lake.   Stensen came with me at sunset and we arrive just in time. … Continue reading The Frozen Lake – Morning and Evening

Paddle Boarding, Beaching, Aerials, and Yana’s Birthday

We had another busy day on the beach. The morning started with flying the drone at sunrise and making the video below. Then we had fun on the beach, going paddle boarding with dolphins, crashing waves during some more beach time, having an episode out the "The Birds" where our car was surrounded by some strange … Continue reading Paddle Boarding, Beaching, Aerials, and Yana’s Birthday

The Drone Travels to AZ

I took the drone to Phoenix this past week as I traveled there for my company's Field Leadership Academy.  I took it out hiking one morning at sunrise.  I had a great first flight, but forgot to turn the camera on...DUH.  I flew it a second time and made the the video below. It's raw … Continue reading The Drone Travels to AZ

Drone Maiden

I've been pondering it for some time. Last week I finally broke down and bought a drone. A DJI Phantom Multirotor System.  It arrived today and Stensen did most of the assembling, which really was not that much.  I did the manual reading and very light instructions reading on learning how to fly. After the battery … Continue reading Drone Maiden