A Walk Around the Block

Ellie Bean and I were able to have an amazing and adventurous walk around the block today. While exploring, we came across so many interesting things: tomatoes, zuchini, pine cones, flowers, pheasants, pumpkins, berries, leaves, trees, birds, airplanes, rain, clouds, mountains, and so much more. Best of all, we had each other! ‪‬

A Tea Party with Daddy

Well today is a bit of a sad day in the Andersen house.  Elias, Sara, Ellie Bean and their dog are hitting the road today.  Elias is driving them to Idaho so that they can stay with Sara's mom while he is training and for his deployment to Afghanistan.  He will be deployed 400 days.In … Continue reading A Tea Party with Daddy

Cute Little Punkin’

With Ellie's first Halloween one day away, her mom and dad decided they were going to a get a pumpkin picture of Ellie after our failure to do so the other day (see previous blog entry Fall(ing) For Ellie). Today, Elias and Sara cleaned out a pumpkin and then they put Ellie in a grocery bag in … Continue reading Cute Little Punkin’

Fall(ing) for Ellie

Sara has been asking me to take some pix of Ellie in a pumpkin patch. We settled on today since it was before Halloween.  Elias, Sara, Ellie and I loaded up the car and headed toward the Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, GA.  When we arrived we noticed two things: it was crowded and they … Continue reading Fall(ing) for Ellie