A Night on the Mountain

Two of my daughters, Yana and Riri, decided to join for dinner on the mountain and then they went home and left me all alone on the mountain. Of course, I was totally groovy with that. Although, it would have been great if they stayed.


 The girls enjoyed a day trip to Santa Cruz while I was at work. Prior to knowing that I would have a job with Connections Education that would begin July 25, I had scheduled for the girls and I to take a road trip. I would pick them up in UT, drive to LA and … Continue reading A LAST CALIFORNIA HURRAH

Water Balloon Fight…Sort of

We had some fun today trying to have a water balloon fight. We bought some of the auto fill balloons that fill up 40 balloons at one time. While it was cool seeing them fill, many broke, almost all of them leaked and when we threw them, they didn't break. However, the girls did not … Continue reading Water Balloon Fight…Sort of

A Terrible, No Good, Rotten Day…AKA The End of Summer 2014

I have just returned from doing something that is most painful, even more painful than my bike crash the other day. I just took the girls to the airport to fly back to UT. Their school starts in a week. We had a WONDERFUL time traveling, playing, being goofy, and most importantly, just being together. … Continue reading A Terrible, No Good, Rotten Day…AKA The End of Summer 2014