From the Island to West Palm Beach

I attempted another time lapse sunrise this morning before we left Hutchinson Island.  I let this one run over 3 hours.  It took a picture every 10 seconds.  I then play pack each pic for .05 seconds. This creates the illusion of motion as shown in the video below. Then after we traveled to West … Continue reading From the Island to West Palm Beach

The Drone Travels to AZ

I took the drone to Phoenix this past week as I traveled there for my company's Field Leadership Academy.  I took it out hiking one morning at sunrise.  I had a great first flight, but forgot to turn the camera on...DUH.  I flew it a second time and made the the video below. It's raw … Continue reading The Drone Travels to AZ

Drone Maiden

I've been pondering it for some time. Last week I finally broke down and bought a drone. A DJI Phantom Multirotor System.  It arrived today and Stensen did most of the assembling, which really was not that much.  I did the manual reading and very light instructions reading on learning how to fly. After the battery … Continue reading Drone Maiden

A Surprise Holiday Reunion

My son Elias has been serving in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan. He came back about 2 weeks ago and was stationed at Fort Dix in NJ.  He did not tell his wife that he was back in the states. This withholding of info paid off yesterday when Elias was able to surprise … Continue reading A Surprise Holiday Reunion

A Grand(pa) 4th of July

After spending 11 days in FL, we thought we would have a low key 4th of July celebration. We decided to travel to Gainesville, GA to visit Grandpa Lyle and his wife Beverly. We brought the fixings to make a Red, White and Blueberry cake as well as some grill goodies.We had fun baking, grilling, … Continue reading A Grand(pa) 4th of July

The Florida KEYS to Snorkeling

Today was one of those special days that you know you and your children will remember forever!After an absolutely miserable night of camping last night, we went on a snorkeling trip from Pennekamp State Park on Key Largo in FL.  The boat ride out to the Dry Rocks Coral Reef was about 20 minutes.  After … Continue reading The Florida KEYS to Snorkeling