A Stensen Buck Visit

On a sunset hike, Stensen sits in the tall grass and contemplates the end of the day You may know that Stensen, my son, lives in GA. He generally comes out for a visit in summer and during Christmas. We love having him here sooooo much. Today he left to fly back home and I … Continue reading A Stensen Buck Visit

A VR Experience

*** Updated 12-30 Stensen, Harrisen and I had our first VR experience today. The University Mall in Orem has a shop called VR Junkies that allows you to buy time slots of VR game play. I walked in being very skeptical of what the experience would be like. While watching the other play before it … Continue reading A VR Experience

A Capitol Reef Idea

Friday was my birthday. Harrisen and I just started talking and decided that we should take a trip somewhere. We decided that after he got off work Saturday we would immediately head out to Capitol Reef National Park.  Neither of us had ever been there. Our goal was to arrive before sunset but we missed … Continue reading A Capitol Reef Idea


 The girls enjoyed a day trip to Santa Cruz while I was at work. Prior to knowing that I would have a job with Connections Education that would begin July 25, I had scheduled for the girls and I to take a road trip. I would pick them up in UT, drive to LA and … Continue reading A LAST CALIFORNIA HURRAH

Chef Harrisen

Even though Juju and I went to help Harrisen clean up his kitchen last night, today is the first time I have been able to see him in action. I went to his restaurant called the Pheasant Coop Cafe. He prepared for me the sandwich found below. It is a hand-carved turkey sandwich with a … Continue reading Chef Harrisen

I Love the Smell of HarPalm in the Morning

It is a well known fact that my children love science. They love to learn about the world and they love to experiment in many different ways.  The video below shows one of Harrisen's special mixtures that we call HarPalm.  It is supposed to be something similar to nepalm.  He mixed it up in a … Continue reading I Love the Smell of HarPalm in the Morning

Rewarding Moment

In the life of a parent there are certain moments that make every bit of it worthwhile.  I had one of those moments tonight.  My boys and I just finished watching the movie Gandhi.   At the end of the movie Stensen stands up and says, "that may be my favorite movie of all time."  Harrisen said, … Continue reading Rewarding Moment

Star Stuff (Thanks Carl!)

I am so thrilled that my boys have the same fascination with space, astronomy and things of the universe that I had, and still have.  We have many conversation about those topics.   We decided to get a telescope. We were all excited today when the shipment arrived.  They boys put everything aside and assembled the … Continue reading Star Stuff (Thanks Carl!)