An Active Day on the Trail

Perhaps the highlight of the hike was in the meadow near Little Baldy Mountain. As I was hike across the meadow, I was starting to shoot one of my usual trail videos talking about how lovely it was. As soon as I started recording, I could see and hear some movement behind me on the trail.

Summer Fun in Utah

Summer Fun is the best fun. This post covers a backyard music fest, tubing the Provo River and multiple hikes.

Early Light on Cascade Saddle Trail

What are the chances? There are hundreds and hundreds of trails within 30 minutes of my house. It was Sunday morning after 8am, which in Utah, you barely see anyone. And I run into the same people riding their horses. Go figure.

Out on the Simpson Ranch

No. Not Bart Simpson. Lynn and Jim Simpson. My aunt and uncle.  Emily, their daughter, and her family live on the "compound" in Chino Valley, AZ. My Aunt Lynn surveys her acreage Juju, Riri and Harrisen were really excited to see and ride their horses. Juju and Riri got a lesson from Emily, however, Harrisen … Continue reading Out on the Simpson Ranch