Summer Fun in Utah

Summer Fun is the best fun. This post covers a backyard music fest, tubing the Provo River and multiple hikes.

A Trip to Del Valle

Day 2 of this weekend was just as awesome as Day 1. This time, I visited 2 lakes. In the morning, I drove to Del Valle, a beautiful park new Livermore with amazing hills and beautiful small lake. When I arrived there was a USA Swim Masters event going on. It was cool to watch, … Continue reading A Trip to Del Valle

Camping with the Boys on the Nantahala River

We made another trek to the Nantahala River this weekend.  We camped on the river right by the Nantahala Outdoor Center @NOC.  My aunt and uncle (by marriage) Payson and Aurelia Kennedy were the founders of the center in 1973 (I believe).  You will see a photo below of a monument to them at the … Continue reading Camping with the Boys on the Nantahala River