This is WAR

We are in a war against the Coronavirus and we need leadership commensurate with the battle. We need that same focus, planning, honesty and ability to generate a national and international collaborative effort that was present with our revered WWII leaders.

Significance vs. Achievement

I have been attending the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Leadership Summit this week in San Diego. I had the pleasure of hearing Kim Beardon, one of the cofounders of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. She had a powerful message that was broad and deep. While she was speaking in context of our role as educational leaders, she … Continue reading Significance vs. Achievement

A Huge DELTA in Customer Engagement

The letter below is something that I sent to my team of school directors today.  We are constantly thinking and working on engaging staff and families (our customers).  Then later in the day I found a ironically appropriate prologue to my experience.  You can see it all below. THE LETTER Team – I am sitting … Continue reading A Huge DELTA in Customer Engagement