Filtering Canyonlands

My friend, who happens to be one of the world's greatest photographers, Richard R. Barron, recently posted about a filter that he applied to a picture that he took when he and I were hiking in Canyonlands. He applied the HDR filter and discovered a lot of data in the image that totally transformed the image. … Continue reading Filtering Canyonlands

The Wonder of Canyonlands

I have visited another world. Abby patiently waits while Richard and I photo geek out before dinner in Monticello, UT. No, I am serious. I have visited another world. I have been to Canyonlands National Park in Utah. It is one of the MOST AMAZING places I have ever been. More on that in a … Continue reading The Wonder of Canyonlands

Snaps from Waaaaay Back

As I was moving stuff around preparing for the girls' arrival tomorrow, I came across a box of my old photographs. I saw stuff that I have not seen in over 25 years. I am posting the personal relationships ones on this post.  I will put some of the "newsy" ones from my old AP … Continue reading Snaps from Waaaaay Back

The Challenge is ON!

This post will be updated daily through Oct. 11.  A double selfie, or should I say an "usie" with Richard. One of my best friends in the world, Richard Barron, issued a different kind of 30-day challenge on his blog recently, Behold a Giant Muh. Richard lives in Oklahoma, where they know how to play … Continue reading The Challenge is ON!

#TBT – Bensenville.

My good friend, Richard, sent these pix to me yesterday and today. They are from 1987ish when I lived in Bensenville, IL.  I lived in the Bensenville Apartments that were 1 mile from Chicago O'Hare Airport and had a major train track outside my window.  There was always the sound of a plane or a … Continue reading #TBT – Bensenville.

AP LaserPhotos

While visiting my friend Richard Barron this weekend, he gave me a gift.It was an AP LaserPhoto copy of a picture (shown below) I took in 1991 showing the space shuttle Discovery being carried by a 747.  They were taking off from Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, OK. I worked pretty extensively for the … Continue reading AP LaserPhotos

Shooting Forward While Going Back

Richard, Abby and I outside of Papa Gjorgjo's in Ada, OK. I had one of the best weekends. Memory serves me hard to find one this good in a long time. I traveled to Byng, OK on Friday after work to visit my good friend Richard Barron.  Richard and I were close friends during college … Continue reading Shooting Forward While Going Back