A Stensen Buck Visit

On a sunset hike, Stensen sits in the tall grass and contemplates the end of the day You may know that Stensen, my son, lives in GA. He generally comes out for a visit in summer and during Christmas. We love having him here sooooo much. Today he left to fly back home and I … Continue reading A Stensen Buck Visit

A Journey to Fifth Water Hot Springs

Hot springs bathers enjoy the naturally heated pools as the cold spring snow melt rages by. We made a second visit to the Fifth Water Hot Springs on a beautiful spring day. The hot springs are located near Spanish Fork Canyon just a bit east of Spanish Fork Peak off of Diamond Fork road (see … Continue reading A Journey to Fifth Water Hot Springs

Camping with the Boys on the Nantahala River

We made another trek to the Nantahala River this weekend.  We camped on the river right by the Nantahala Outdoor Center @NOC.  My aunt and uncle (by marriage) Payson and Aurelia Kennedy were the founders of the center in 1973 (I believe).  You will see a photo below of a monument to them at the … Continue reading Camping with the Boys on the Nantahala River

Day at Funky River

Since the weather was so wonderful today, Harrisen, Elias, Sara, Ellie and I decided to go the river at a nearby state park.  There was lots of trash all around the river, but nonetheless, it was still fun working our way up to the water and under the bridge.  We also enjoyed a walk through … Continue reading Day at Funky River