A Powerful, Wonderful Sunday

This was by far NOT a typical Sunday. Usually on Sundays I get up, do some uplifting reading or writing, listen to my favorite Sunday music and head off to church for a 9a service. Not today.

Challenges Should Motivates Us

I am an outdoorsy type of person. I live in Utah and am surrounded by so many options for outdoor fun. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many trails here that it would take me more years than I have left to get to them all. One of the … Continue reading Challenges Should Motivates Us

Hiking at Castle Rock

The first time I went to Castle Rock State Park here in CA, it was rainy. Very rainy. Today was a very different story. My companions for the hike, Lori and Julie, ham it up on top of the big boulder at the beginning of the trail. We drove up CA 17 to get to … Continue reading Hiking at Castle Rock

Provo Rec Center and the Webb

We had two major highlights today in Day 6 of my UT trip. The first was the twins and I going to the Provo Rec Center.  It was by far the best rec center I have ever seen. It was more like an indoor amusement park.  It had everything I would ever want: lazy river, cliff … Continue reading Provo Rec Center and the Webb