A TERRIFIC Tapatios TASTY TACO Experience

The tacos had a nice combination of crunch, warmth, cheesy gooeyness, and delicious beef flavor. The condiments were perfectly matched. I tried different combinations of things to put in the tacos and they were all terrific.


  I went to visit Elias at his work today. While there, I met one of his coworkers, Wesley, who has just finished working on his jacked up BMW. Here are some of the specs: 700 hp engine - $7,000 New clutch - $1,000 New brakes - $500 Wesley says he has a goal to … Continue reading One JACKED UP Ride!


The days here on my vacation in Salt Lake just keep getting better. In addition to my school driving and lunch bringing duties, I again was able to have lunch at Harrisen's work. When everyone was home, we drove to downtown and met Elias, Sara and Ellie there for a wonderful time at Temple Square. … Continue reading TEMPLE SQUARE