30 Years of Teaching – What a Gift!

Some of you may know that I am a former middle school teacher. I loved it and if I ever go back into teaching, it will be in middle school. I had the pleasure of attending my twin daughter's junior high Christmas choir concert this week. The students were amazing! However, the most amazing thing to … Continue reading 30 Years of Teaching – What a Gift!

Another Brick in the Wall

I can still remember the day vividly. I am not sure of the exact date, but I remember it was in November of 1979. I was in 10th grade at Intermediate High School in Broken Arrow, OK. I had a 1-mile (or so) walk home from school that took me by our local K-Mart. I … Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall

UT – Day 3

Had a great day today doing "normal" dad things. Took all the girls to school, watched a school assembly where the twins sang in the choir, took lunch to Mariana and gave Yana and her friend a ride home from school. I also took a few more pix of the mountains since it was a clearer … Continue reading UT – Day 3

Proud of My Girls

I was so proud today when the twins both won awards for academic excellence at their school.  However, I was most proud when Riri was awarded the school's Leadership Award and Juju was awarded the Citizenship Award.  Naturally I love the fact that they do well in school academically, however the fact that they demonstrate … Continue reading Proud of My Girls