Journey to the Jetty…Or Not

 I was hoping to see the Winter version of this. My friend Richard Barron challenged me 2 weeks ago to photograph the Spiral Jetty that is located way north of Salt Lake City on the northeast side of the Great Salt Lake at Rozel Point. I had never heard of it before. After doing a … Continue reading Journey to the Jetty…Or Not

Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

It has been snowing a lot here in Utah this winter. This past week we had a most beautiful snow fall. Big fluffy flakes floating, falling and finding a place of rest on a pine tree. Here is a universal truth: Every snowflake is unique. Even Horshack from the tv show "Welcome Back Cotter" knew that. While there … Continue reading Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

The Week of WARM and WINTER

This has been a busy and interesting week. I began the week with a trip to beautiful Laguna Beach, then in the middle of the week travel to Minneapolis, and then ended the week today with a drive through Provo Canyon to find winter scenery.  Began the week in sunny and warm Laguna Beach The week … Continue reading The Week of WARM and WINTER

Christmas 2015 UT Trip

This is going to be another long post. It is covering my happenings during my Christmas trip to Utah. The view of the mountains from the BYU campus. While I was in UT only the week before, my trip again for the Christmas holiday was absolutely fantastic. I was able to be there the 22nd … Continue reading Christmas 2015 UT Trip