There’s a Fire in the Valley

The fire in the valley can be found at one of my favorite parks, the Valley of Fire State Park near Overton, NV. That fire is a torment of beauty, nature, wildlife and history.

Winter at Utah Lake

However, twice in the past week I have felt impressed to take the 4 mile drive to Utah Lake. I was not disappointed either time. The first visit, I came across ice fisherman and on today's visit, I found the broken ice sheets at sunset.

The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake

An intriguing view looking EAST at sunset While I was working in my home office this afternoon, I glanced out the window to look at the lake in the distance. I saw lots of clouds with diverse appearance. I knew that today's sunset would be terrific. So I gathered my gear and headed out to … Continue reading The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake

Big Basin Redwood State Park

Today's journeys brought me to two great destinations. The first, shown in the post, is Big Basin Redwood State Park. Just like yesterday, the drive was beautiful and windy with lots of hairpin turns. I stopped frequently to nab pix along the way. One of the first major vistas of the say was this one … Continue reading Big Basin Redwood State Park