A Stensen Buck Visit

On a sunset hike, Stensen sits in the tall grass and contemplates the end of the day You may know that Stensen, my son, lives in GA. He generally comes out for a visit in summer and during Christmas. We love having him here sooooo much. Today he left to fly back home and I … Continue reading A Stensen Buck Visit

A VR Experience

*** Updated 12-30 Stensen, Harrisen and I had our first VR experience today. The University Mall in Orem has a shop called VR Junkies that allows you to buy time slots of VR game play. I walked in being very skeptical of what the experience would be like. While watching the other play before it … Continue reading A VR Experience


 The girls enjoyed a day trip to Santa Cruz while I was at work. Prior to knowing that I would have a job with Connections Education that would begin July 25, I had scheduled for the girls and I to take a road trip. I would pick them up in UT, drive to LA and … Continue reading A LAST CALIFORNIA HURRAH

Stensen Did It!

The second graduation in two nights concluded with fireworks at Union Grove High School in McDonough, GA. Yes, the night before Stensen's sister Yana had her graduation at Orem High School in UT. I hopped a plane Friday morning and made it in at lunch time. Stensen's graduation was at 7:30...outside...in GA. It is a … Continue reading Stensen Did It!

Some Saturday Savannah Southern Charm

After completing Stensen's scholarship weekend at Georgia Southern, we decided to make the short journey to Savannah since neither of us have been there. When we arrived, a big cargo ship was coming around the river bend. It was fun seeing it come by and make its way under the big bridge. It was a … Continue reading Some Saturday Savannah Southern Charm

A Scholarly Time

I flew from CA to GA on a red-eye flight Thu night/Fri morning to come back for Stensen's Scholarship weekend at GA Southern. When I landed at 6am, I grabbed a rental car and drove home. I was able to rest for a couple hours and then we headed out for Statesboro. When we arrived … Continue reading A Scholarly Time

Shoot BANG – AKA The Great Green Bean Can Hunt

Stensen and I took a trip to Lyle and Bev's for the day.  We wanted to catch up with them before Thanksgiving and we also wanted to shoot our gun in their woods. Stensen and I went hunting for some empty green bean cans. They are generally hard to find in the North GA mountains … Continue reading Shoot BANG – AKA The Great Green Bean Can Hunt

Camping, Swimming and Running the Nanny

Stensen and I, along with two of Stensen's friends, took a 2-day camping trip to the Nantahala River. This is one of our family's most treasured destinations. One of the things that made this trip fantastic, was our journey down river to Wesser Falls. Wesser is about a 20 foot drop, class 5 rapid. After … Continue reading Camping, Swimming and Running the Nanny

The Power of Small Things

It's amazing how over and over the same lessons in life come back to us. Today's repeat lesson: the power of small things. TODAY WAS ANOTHER LESSON IN THAT CONCEPT. Stensen and I were trying to figure out why his 5-speed Honda civic would not start. We tried jumping it...and nothing. Bought a new one … Continue reading The Power of Small Things