Navigating the Educational Waters of Covid-19

Fortunately, while we now see the storm heading rapidly toward us, we do not need to panic because we can handle the winds and rough seas. We can be prepared.

Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

It has been snowing a lot here in Utah this winter. This past week we had a most beautiful snow fall. Big fluffy flakes floating, falling and finding a place of rest on a pine tree. Here is a universal truth: Every snowflake is unique. Even Horshack from the tv show "Welcome Back Cotter" knew that. While there … Continue reading Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

Every Student Deserves the Right Pathway

In my work, I get to ready RFPs from time to time. I read one recently and believe those who have published it have established a great framework to focus on personalized and student-centered learning. It is my impression they want to build something significant and nimble for students and have ideally unlimited interoperability. After … Continue reading Every Student Deserves the Right Pathway

Student Centered Teaching

Teaching is teaching. Whether it is teaching adults, middle schoolers, or preschoolers, teaching is teaching. In the purest sense, there are key foundations of teaching that have nothing to do with age: knowledge, content, methods, checking for understanding, and the one I think is paramount – knowing those you teach. When I say knowing those … Continue reading Student Centered Teaching