Winter at Utah Lake

However, twice in the past week I have felt impressed to take the 4 mile drive to Utah Lake. I was not disappointed either time. The first visit, I came across ice fisherman and on today's visit, I found the broken ice sheets at sunset.

This Is How I Hear Him

There is a theme going around in social media and church circles using the #HearHim hashtag. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to do a video sharing my testimony of how I #HearHim.

Chicken on the Mountain

If you were hoping this post was about some awesome recipe of how to cook chicken while camping out on a mountain, then you will likely be disappointed. Nope, this post is about a 6' 3" chicken. Me.

Bounteous Dusk

Tonight I had finished dinner and cleaning up the kitchen and saw that there was still daylight out. On top of that, Ann was heading up to do homework. So I made, what turned out to be a terrific decision, to grab my gear and head out to the Squaw Peak road and try to grab some last light pix.

Winter of Sun, Sky and Clouds

This winter in Utah has produced some amazing skies during and in between sunrises and sunsets. It’s fun looking at them as a body of work.

You will see the same mountains in many of the pictures. One of them is Mount Timpanogos and the other is Squawk Peak. They are both about 7 minutes from my house.

The top 2 photos were taken on the same morning.

One of the weirdest sunset skies I have ever seen

Another very strange sunset sky

Photo Loco

This winter in Utah has produced some amazing skies during and in between sunrises and sunsets. It’s fun looking at them as a body of work.

These top two were from the same sunrise.

This is one of the most unique skies I have ever seen.

The last three are from the same sunset

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Fun and Beautiful Business in Idaho

I live and work out of home in the Salt Lake City area. I travel a lot to the states in my region (UT, CA, NV, AZ, NM, HI, NE, OK, KS, CO). My boss, who oversees the entire nation, lives in Boise, ID. I have been to Idaho about 3 times ever. Two of … Continue reading Fun and Beautiful Business in Idaho

Kayaking Utah Lake

I love being on the water. I always have and probably always will. For this reason I was so happy when I discovered that Lindon Marina on Utah Lake offered a special Thursday night rental for their watercraft. They offer any paddle craft for $10 after 5pm. That price was right! Getting the 2-man provisioned … Continue reading Kayaking Utah Lake

The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake

An intriguing view looking EAST at sunset While I was working in my home office this afternoon, I glanced out the window to look at the lake in the distance. I saw lots of clouds with diverse appearance. I knew that today's sunset would be terrific. So I gathered my gear and headed out to … Continue reading The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake