A Terrific Start to 2023!

Well now that January 2023 is in the rear view mirror, I must say this year has started off with a big PHOTOGRAPHIC BANG!

A Trip to Del Valle

Day 2 of this weekend was just as awesome as Day 1. This time, I visited 2 lakes. In the morning, I drove to Del Valle, a beautiful park new Livermore with amazing hills and beautiful small lake. When I arrived there was a USA Swim Masters event going on. It was cool to watch, … Continue reading A Trip to Del Valle

Camping, Swimming and Running the Nanny

Stensen and I, along with two of Stensen's friends, took a 2-day camping trip to the Nantahala River. This is one of our family's most treasured destinations. One of the things that made this trip fantastic, was our journey down river to Wesser Falls. Wesser is about a 20 foot drop, class 5 rapid. After … Continue reading Camping, Swimming and Running the Nanny