It was once said, “It is not enough to be busy; the question is, what are we busy about?” Make no doubt, all schools are busy. What a school chooses to be busy about not only defines the school, but sets each school apart—one from another.

Navigating the Educational Waters of Covid-19

Fortunately, while we now see the storm heading rapidly toward us, we do not need to panic because we can handle the winds and rough seas. We can be prepared.

One of My Proudest Accomplishments

One of my proudest accomplishments came during my first year as a new middle school teacher. I was hired to teach Spanish, but because I did not have a full load, I also had to teach a section of Language Arts and 6th grade math.

Another Brick in the Wall

I can still remember the day vividly. I am not sure of the exact date, but I remember it was in November of 1979. I was in 10th grade at Intermediate High School in Broken Arrow, OK. I had a 1-mile (or so) walk home from school that took me by our local K-Mart. I … Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall

Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

It has been snowing a lot here in Utah this winter. This past week we had a most beautiful snow fall. Big fluffy flakes floating, falling and finding a place of rest on a pine tree. Here is a universal truth: Every snowflake is unique. Even Horshack from the tv show "Welcome Back Cotter" knew that. While there … Continue reading Every Snowflake is Unique…and So Is Every Child

Pondering Pathways

There is no one path for all students I am in the middle of reading the book THE END OF AVERAGE by Todd Rose, whom I met as one of the keynote speakers at the iNACOL conference in October. It is a fabulous book. I am reading the section on PATHWAYS at the moment and something resonated with … Continue reading Pondering Pathways

Student Centered Teaching

Teaching is teaching. Whether it is teaching adults, middle schoolers, or preschoolers, teaching is teaching. In the purest sense, there are key foundations of teaching that have nothing to do with age: knowledge, content, methods, checking for understanding, and the one I think is paramount – knowing those you teach. When I say knowing those … Continue reading Student Centered Teaching